Stump Grinding

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Stump Grinding Process

Have you taken down a tree yourself? Always had a stump in your yard? Constantly avoiding or running it over with the lawn mower? This is something we can help with.

Our Bandit Stump grinder makes quick work of your stump by using its large spinning wheel to work back and forth, chipping and grinding the wood and dirt to eliminate the stump, reducing it to a pile of chips. We feel that grinding the stump is the best and easiest way to remove a stump. However if your a gluten for punishment, and would like to tackle the removal yourself by hand, we have included a suggested method for doing so in our
BLOG section of the website.

Grinding the stump stops tree sprout and root growth, allows for the replanting of sod or topsoil and seed, or even replanting on the same spot in some cases (although we recommend planting a foot or more away from old stump location).

When we are done grinding your stump, you will be left with a hole that we will fill with the wood chip/dirt, or we can take away the chips leaving a hole in your yard.


Similar to trees, certain factors affect the pricing of stump grinding.

The price we give for estimation purposes is $100 per foot in width. Certain factors will affect the prices for a stump removal job.

  • Stump height
  • Do you want to grind stump, or stump and roots?
  • Is the stump in a location that will make operating the machine difficult?
  • Do you want the chips taken away?

Contact us with questions, or to set up a quote.

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The Bandit 2900T Stump grinder run on Diesel fuel, and has a 114 horsepower engine

The machine has an approximate weight of 4300 pounds. The overall length of the machine is 60".
The grinder is operated with a remote control. This remote controls the forward/backwards movement of the machine, the movement of the arm, and the spinning of the wheel.

If you have questions about our grinder, and what happens if you don't have enough clearance,
contact us, or check with our BLOG page.
The grinder wheel has a circumference of 24", which allows it to grind to a depth of 12". Increased depth can be achieved with the removal of dirt around the stump

The grinder requires a 38" width clearance to access through gates or fences.